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Reports have surfaced of campaign signs for Republican candidates being torn down, vandalized and stolen in Dorchester County.  Our first NEGATIVE CAMPAIGN ALERT should have been our LAST one, but Democrats just won't give up playing dirty.

Democrats Running Dirty Campaigns:
Unethical “push polling” being used to hide liberal positions on issues

COLUMBIA – At a press conference held on September 28th at Republican Party headquarters, South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Henry McMaster called on Democrats to stop using unethical “push polls” to mislead voters in legislative races across South Carolina.

“These dishonest tactics scream of desperation,” Chairman McMaster said. “Such political dirty tricks are unethical and have been condemned by numerous professional organizations, political watchdog groups, and elected officials. They twist the legitimate practice of polling into a slanderous assault on political opponents. I call on South Carolina Democrats to cease this practice immediately and denounce it publicly.”

South Carolina voters from across the state joined Chairman McMaster at the press conference and spoke of receiving misleading and slanderous “push polling” calls recently from Democrats. “Push polls” have been used against the following Republican candidates: Sen. André Bauer, Sen. John Courson, Sen. Larry Grooms, Sen. Hugh Leatherman, Rep. Tracey Edge, Rep. Ron Fleming, Rep. Becky Martin, Rep. Rick Quinn, Rep. Edie Rodgers, Alan Clemmons, Gary Prince, Lanneau Siegling, Danny Verdin, and Bryan White.

According to the American Association for Public Opinion Research, “a ‘push poll’ is a telemarketing technique in which telephone calls are used to canvass potential voters, feeding them false or misleading ‘information’ about a candidate under the pretense of taking a poll to see how this ‘information’ affects voter preferences. In fact, the intent is not to measure public opinion but to manipulate it – to ‘push’ voters away from one candidate and toward the opposing candidate. Such polls defame selected candidates by spreading false or misleading information about them. The intent is to disseminate campaign propaganda under the guise of conducting a legitimate public opinion poll.”

We now have reports of such tactics being used against the re-election campaign of our County's State Senator, Larry Grooms.  YOU DESERVE BETTER - YOU DESERVE THE TRUTH AND AN END TO CAMPAIGN "DIRTY TRICKS".



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